IPPA is a low cost prosthetic arm with advanced functionality and features that compare to commercial prosthetics. Our system enables the amputee to perform automated grasping tasks, perform a wide range of hand gestures, and incorporate a mobile app management system that will allow the prosthetic to be taught user specified grasps and gestures.



Automated Grasping using EMG sensor

Proximity Sensing using Distance sensor

Force Sensitive Control

Build new Gestures with Android App


In this project I lead the idea to challenge the current standard of upper-limb prosthetics, and focused on how the team and I could use our expertise in engineering and computer science to impact the quality of life for amputees.

In the ideation stage, I noticed current upper limb prosthetics are expensive and limited in their functionality. I conceived the idea to build an intelligent, programmable upper limb prosthetic that uses off-the-shelf electronic sensor and components, and can be manufactured using 3D printing. I proposed the idea to my team who liked the idea and wanted to build it. I co-devised a list of functionalities and power consumption constraints of the product, co-designed the hardware and software architecture of the product, and then co-developed a working prototype in 10 months. This project resulted in the development of a low cost upper limb prosthetic that can perform automatic grasping of objects and one-motion-gestures.

I feel that this project reflects myself strongly as an emerging media student because I participated in tackling a complex challenge of designing an intelligent prosthetic, and led my team to challenge area of social significance for amputees,their quality of life.

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Ivette Carreras

A Computer Engineering student at the University of Central Florida. Ivette will be graduating with a Bachelor of Science Degree in May 2015. During her time at UCF, she interned at both Texas Instruments and Microsoft as a Software Engineer. She will be joining the Operating System Group at Microsoft as a full time Software Engineer after graduation. Her interests are in low level software development.

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Andrew Mendez

An undergraduate student at the University of Central Florida. Andrew will be receiving his Bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering in May of 2015. During his time at UCF, he has participated in the MIT Summer Research Program, where he researched the areas of tangible user interfaces and augmented reality at the MIT Media Lab. His interests are designing intelligent interfaces for intuitive learning and interaction with information from our physical environment.

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Matthew Bald

An undergraduate student at the University of Central Florida. Matthew will be receiving his Bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering in May of 2015. During his time at UCF, he interned at OUC and created SalesForce applications to assist the customer resolution team. His interests are in designing electronics and music.

Open Source Files

The android application source code and the software for the IPPA system are all open source!

Fork us on Github to contribute and!

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We would like to thank the UCF CECS Alumni Chapter for sponsoring this project and the assistance of the members of the Texas Instruments Innovation Lab at the University of Central Florida.